1. Introduction is a project with pioneering technology that has created a type of precursor to artificial intelligence. This technology provides an entertainment service as a function, and that entertainment is the primary method of engagement with participants. This A.I. is entirely powered by and running on the blockchain and cannot be modified or stopped by anyone.

This is not a form of gambling or investment, and this is not an exchange. This is at its core an elaborate psychological and economic experiment; one that is as much educational as it is entertaining.

👉 To understand the broader philosophy and concepts powering this experiment, be sure to check out the Official Whitepaper. For an understanding of game mechanics, continue reading below or check out the in-game help content directly on the site.

1.1 Secure and Immutable

This project is developed by the same team that created Fomo3D, and have cumulatively handled close to 1 billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency through their projects. You can expect that security is their top priority, as demonstrated with their solid track record on previous projects.

In addition, the project is entirely powered by the TRON blockchain and has been setup to be entirely immutable and unchanging. The code deployed is law. There is no chance of any code/rules being changed, it's enshrined onto the chain. All game decisions are delegated to actions by the player

There are no human administrators to this game, there is literally no one that has the ability to affect any core aspect of the project or its rules once deployed and running.

1.2 Dedicated to Honesty will completely and exactly promise you only what it can actually guarantee. It will ensure that you are never given incorrect information about what it knows, and will strive to ensure the most generous result for every player participating.

A massive advantage this has over human-managed projects is that is mathematically designed to be incapable of going insolvent. We know that honesty and complete information allows you to make the best decision as a player.

1.3 What is this exactly?

This is a unique economic, social, and psychological experiment, unlike anything you've played before. The experiment takes place directly on the blockchain, and the conditions and rules of said experiment cannot be modified or stopped by anyone once started.

Participating in this experiment is simple, you only need to visit the site and begin interacting with our pre-cursor A.I. Her name is C.U.R.V.Y and she is looking forward to meeting you.

2. Gameplay

2.1 Mechanics Overview

At a high level, this is a unique experiment which works in the following way:

There are several additional gameplay mechanics during each round. In brief:

The sections below explore each game mechanic in more detail.

2.2 Player-initiated Actions

While the project has many interesting mechanics and rules at play to engage users and expand the userbase, the actions you can take as an individual player at any time during the round are the following:

  1. Acquire new giftboxes - Acquire giftboxes at a certain price per giftbox. Every giftbox accumulates in value for every additional giftbox created in the game, from the moment that it is acquired. Giftboxes only ever increase in value.
  2. Open giftboxes - Choose to open their current giftboxes, in which case the player gets 2x the current box value, sent from the game, directly to the player. After this point, the giftbox is destroyed.
  3. Re-invest current giftboxes - Choose to re-invest their current giftboxes for twice their giftboxes current value, as newly purchased boxes. Reinvesting does not destroy a player’s existing boxes.
  4. Toggle automatic giftbox upgrades - Choose to toggle automatic upgrades on giftboxes, from which point, anytime a new giftbox can be purchased based on the value from existing giftboxes, the value inside is used to purchase additional giftboxes but without destroying the player’s current box count.

While these actions are what a user can do at any time, a major challenge is knowing which strategy to use at what time, and how to interact with the system in a way that most benefits you as the player. There are many, many ways to play.

2.3 Gift Boxes

Giftboxes are purchased by players and receive a share of all future revenue starting at the time of creation by a player:

Giftbox purchases increase the game's timelock too! Every box purchased adds 30 seconds to the timelock, with a 120 second add-on. So, 2 boxes purchased would increase the timer by 3 minutes whereas 6 boxes increase the timer by 5 minutes.

🎥 Prefer to watch? Check out this video explainer on Giftboxes by user @YKnot

Giftboxes (Container) vs Royalties (Value)

One important mechanic to understand is that giftboxes are containers accumulating royalties (value) which can only ever increase over time. To understand the game, make sure to separate the giftbox (container) from the royalties contained inside.

When re-investing your current giftboxes, as explained below, the value within your giftboxes is reset to zero but your total giftbox count continues to increase. For example, suppose you have 2 giftboxes with 25 trx of value each. If you open them up, you will now have 100 trx and 0 giftboxes, and then you could use that 100 trx to purchase 4 new boxes.

However, if you were to reinvest the giftboxes instead, you would still have 2 giftboxes (as you did previously, with value reset) as well as 4 additional ones for a total of 6 giftboxes.

Purchasing Giftboxes

Re-investing Giftboxes

Opening Giftboxes Early

2.4 Timelock

The game is centered on a critical timer (decentralized timelock) which is continuously counting down towards zero, but players can increase the timer by acquired giftboxes or opening up a giftbox:

Reboot Prize

Reboot and the End of the Round

2.5 Automatic Upgrades

Players can enable an automatic upgrading option at any time which causes new giftboxes to be purchased for them anytime their current giftboxes contain enough value to do so:

Mining Other Player's Upgrades

Players can run special software to get rewarded with bonuses as they execute automatic upgrade actions for other players:

Any player can choose to become a miner, and this is how automatic upgrades work behind the scenes! It's important to note that all fees paid to miners come from the contract and are not paid by the player triggering the auto-reinvest.

Are you a coder that knows Javascript? Check out the guide to building your own reinvest miner to start developing and running your own miner!

2.6 Promotion and Advertising

If players are recruited into the game by promoters, the promoters are actively rewarded for all revenue you bring to the project:

2.7 Loyalty

Players receive loyalty for every single box purchased, which is then able to be spent as increased buying power in future rounds:

2.8 The Glitch

As the timer counts down and gets closer to zero, special events will happen at several different time thresholds which will increase the value further for all unopened giftboxes:

🎥 Prefer to watch? Check out this video explainer on the Glitch by user @YKnot

I would definitely appreciate if you purchase giftboxes using my promoter link. Thanks for reading! Reach out to me anytime on Discord @Cryptoknight.